AQUARIUS: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love

Aquarius in love is committed and very attentive, though not affectionate, and it takes them a while to get to the point of commitment. Aquarians are intellectuals and will want long talks about big ideas with their partner. They have an innate self-confidence, which is very attractive to others.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Aquarius and Aquarius are both so in their heads and detached emotionally that there is little emotional depth to the relationship. However, they may also decide they are okay with being more friends than anything else.

• Aquarius and Pisces are an unusual combination, with Aquarius being a radical thinker and Pisces being intuitive and spiritual, and that can bring challenges as the Pisces person may not have their emotional needs met. Both are deeply humanitarian, however, and that can bring them together.

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• Aquarius and Aries will find each other stimulating and exciting and are a good match that looks optimistically to the future. They will share a great sense of humor.

• Aquarius and Taurus are an unlikely match with many differences, but both have staying power, which can make for a stimulating relationship that can pull them together.

• Aquarius and Gemini are a real meeting of the minds and a very dynamic pairing. Their partnership will be full of variety, fun, and a lively social life.

• Aquarius and Cancer are likely to find that the Aquarian detached emotional state doesn’t fulfill the needs of the emotionally needy Cancer person. This means the two will have to communicate often about their differences to make it work long-term.

• Aquarius and Leo don’t have a lot in common but that won’t stop them finding this relationship stimulating and exciting, which can go a long way toward meeting in the middle.

• Aquarius and Virgo are an intellectual pairing with different strengths that can complement each other, with Virgo learning to embrace a little chaos and Aquarius learning to be a little more organized.

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• Aquarius and Libra are a lovely match, with both enjoying a good social life and mental stimulation.

•     Aquarius and Scorpio are a difficult and intense match that can work if the Aquarius partner learns to show some affection and the Scorpio learns to trust their partner.

• Aquarius and Sagittarius are a fun match and the two will enjoy a lot of adventures together.

• Aquarius and Capricorn are a less easy combination that can work if both use their mutual determination to iron out differences, with the main one being that Capricorn likes stability and security, and these are not priorities for the Aquarian.