Cancer In Love – Compatible Astrology

Cancers in love are caring and sensitive, and they fall quickly and hard when they fall in love. They are likely to commit quickly and give their all to their partner, but their sensitivity can lead to emotional neediness when they don’t feel loved in return. Cancer people will be the champion of their loved ones, so treat them with the love they deserve.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Cancer and Cancer relationships are very loving, affectionate, and loyal, with both sensing the other’s needs with ease. Both need security and can be moody, but each understands that in the other, so it’s rarely a problem.

• Cancer and Leo are a very loving and passionate combination, especially if the Cancer person can remember to shower the Leo with praise as well as love and if Leo can temper any extravagance a little.

• Cancer and Virgo are a patient, grounded, and loyal match. The two signs understand each other very well and the earthy Virgo has patience with Cancer moods. Both signs are generally homebodies and conservative financially.

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• Cancer and Libra pairings can have difficulties if the Cancer person doesn’t understand the Libra need to be around other people and if the Libra doesn’t make an effort to meet the Cancer’s emotional needs. When they can do this, they can both enjoy new ways of being.

• Cancer and Scorpio are a deep and emotionally fulfilling pairing with an intuitive connection to each other. Scorpios do need more alone time than Cancer but it’s rarely a problem.

• Cancer and Sagittarius partners can have difficulties, since Sagittarius is a free spirit and Cancer needs security. However, Sagittarians are usually deeply committed once they really fall in love, so that alone can mean this will work with compromises.

• Cancer and Capricorn are a good relationship in terms of loyalty and security, but the Capricorn can be a little too emotionally cool at times, so if they learn to show a little affection it will go a long way.

• Cancer and Aquarius are a mix of emotional needs and objective thought, which can be unsatisfying unless both can recognize the different needs in each other.

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• Cancer and Pisces are a wonderful match because they have an almost psychic connection and are both caring and affectionate. Cancer is the better of the two with money and the two will love being together in their own world at home.

• Cancer and Aries can work well together if Aries is focused on outer- world matters while Cancer is more focused on the home and family. If

the Aries partner can take time to show some affection, this relationship will work even more successfully.

• Cancer and Taurus are another loyal and affectionate pairing, and both are focused on home, family, and financial security. They will fulfill each other’s needs well.• Cancer and Gemini are a good partnership if Cancer can be accepting of Gemini’s lighthearted, fun, and flirtatious nature and if Gemini can turn that fun attention to their partner more often than to others.