Does Taurus Fall In Love Easily?


A Taurus in love is loyal and persevering to a fault and will take their time making a commitment. When they do, however, you can be absolutely sure they mean it. Once in a relationship, their sense of family loyalty and financial stability will keep them devoted to the person they choose. If hurt, they do find it hard to forgive.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Taurus and Taurus are both loyal and down to earth, will enjoy all the home comforts together, and will be prepared to work to create that home.

• Taurus and Gemini are a match that will need to compromise, with a little less stubbornness and willingness to be a little more sociable from Taurus and with Gemini finding some patience and slowing down a little.

• Taurus and Cancer are both loyal and affectionate and will create an amazing home together, fulfilling each other’s emotional needs.

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• Taurus and Leo relationships will need a lot of compromise, as Leos are passionate and live for today and Taurus people are practical and patient and live for stability. Of course, that means that if they can compromise, they can have it all.

• Taurus and Virgo are two signs that match well, as they are both practical and responsible. Virgo brings a bit of humor to the mix and Taurus brings more sensuality.

• Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus—both are romantic and love luxury. If Taurus can be aware of Libra’s need to be social and flirtatious and if Libra can be aware of Taurus’s need for stability, they can work together well.

• Taurus and Scorpio are a case of opposites attract, and both tend to bring out the best in each other. Financially, they will be extremely stable and they are both very sensual.

• Taurus and Sagittarius can work well, as Taurus brings grounding and routine to the sometimes flighty Sagittarius and Sagittarius brings some spontaneity and optimism into the mix.

• Taurus and Capricorn are an earthy and practical combination, with Capricorn bringing ambition and humor and Taurus bringing steadfastness and providing the home base.

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• Taurus and Aquarius require acceptance of differences but can work if both have similar life views. Aquarius likes to shake things up and loves intellectual exploration, whereas Taurus likes more practical and earthly things but, of course, if both can compromise, it works.

• Taurus and Pisces are a good mix, with down-to-earth practicality and stability in Taurus, while Pisces is more idealistic and compassionate. Instead of challenging, both are likely to learn from each other.

• Taurus and Aries are a combination that either attracts or repels, with fast- moving Aries pushing Taurus into action and Taurus calming down the impulsive Aries.