GEMINI: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love

Gemini in love is fast, flirtatious, and sociable and needs intellectual stimulation to the point where they often see their love as their best friend— this just means there is less emphasis on the physical side of a relationship. They are curious and fantastic listeners, which tends to charm everyone they meet.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Gemini and Gemini are a match that really needs some practical earth in the chart of at least one person. It will be a fun and restless intellectual relationship that can be unstable, but the friendship factor is high.

• Gemini and Cancer definitely need compromise between sociability and privacy and between the lighthearted and the sensitive. The mix of curiosity, fun, and emotional security can blend well with awareness.

• Gemini and Leo are a partnership that leads a life full of fun, affection, and probably parties. They complement each other in that Leo brings some structure and Gemini brings more flexibility.

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• Gemini and Virgo are both signs ruled by Mercury and this means that both are adaptable and communicate well. Virgo brings practicality and Gemini helps Virgo lighten up a little.

• Gemini and Libra are a combination that matches well and the pair are likely to be out a lot, exploring new experiences and people and sharing ideas all the time.

• Gemini and Scorpio are a mix of depth, privacy, lightness, and openness that takes a lot of adjustment to each other. As always, it can work if Gemini allows Scorpio alone time often and if Scorpio develops a more playful side some of the time.

• Gemini and Sagittarius are a pairing that has much in common. They both like to explore intellectually and to debate, and both have great senses of humor. It’s a light and playful relationship.

• Gemini and Capricorn need some mutual respect and understanding to work, as Capricorn is serious and Gemini really isn’t. As always, this can work if Gemini is able to bring a sense of playfulness to Capricorn and Capricorn can bring needed grounding to Gemini.

• Gemini and Aquarius are a real meeting of the minds, and the two will never run out of ideas or things to talk about. Both are sociable and like their independence.

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• Gemini and Pisces will need compromise, as Gemini is an outgoing social butterfly and Pisces is emotional, shy, and sensitive. However, both signs are flexible, so the opportunity for each to adjust to the other’s needs is there.

• Gemini and Aries are air and fire and the two elements work well together. Geminis are the mimics of the zodiac and will likely match the Aries passion, and Gemini’s mind will be fueled by the fire. Lots of fun!

• Gemini and Taurus aren’t the easiest of partnerships, but that makes things interesting. Taurus may find Gemini hard to keep up with and Gemini will sometimes wish Taurus would be more sociable and less stubborn, but if both can compromise, this will be a good relationship.