LEO In Love – Compatible Astrology

Leo in love is exciting and openhearted as long as they are feeling loved in return. They make wonderful caring partners and are also good parents. Because they are so openhearted, however, they are easily hurt if they aren’t with someone who showers them with love and attention.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Leo and Leo are lovely together as long as neither tries to rule over the other and they both shower each other with love, compliments, and attention. If they do that, then this is a really joyful combination.

• Leo and Virgo can be a good match, with a good mix of Leo fun and Virgo stability, as long as Virgo loosens up a little and Leo doesn’t try to rule over the analytical Virgo.

• Leo and Libra will usually make an attractive and charming couple who enjoy a good social life together. If they give each other enough attention, they will continue to be happy.

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• Leo and Scorpio are two stubborn and powerful signs who both enjoy a good dramatic fight and are both loyal. Surprisingly, this often works well even though it’s very intense.

• Leo and Sagittarius are a very fun and energetic partnership with some drama thrown in. Sagittarians may have to try and temper their notably blunt tongue if they don’t want to bruise the Leo pride, but overall it’s a great match.

• Leo and Capricorn can be a good team that grows in strength over time. Their strengths balance each other well and they each can inspire the other to reach for mutual goals.

• Leo and Aquarius are another lively and exciting partnership. Leos require a lot of attention, however, and Aquarius is often a little too detached and in their head to give enough. If Aquarius can learn to drop compliments, then this will work well.

• Leo and Pisces can be a good relationship if Leo takes the benevolent and caring ruler approach to the sensitive Pisces, rather than expecting them to stand up for themselves.

• Leo and Aries are a really good but fiery partnership and may have some big fights, but they will share plenty of laughter, too. Aries’s directness can upset Leo’s tender heart at times.

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• Leo and Taurus can be a wonderful pairing if the two can compromise between the Taurus’s need for stability and a solid home and the Leo’s outgoing passionate nature and risk-taking tendencies.

• Leo and Gemini are an exciting and lively match. Both are quite dramatic and bold and both are sociable and flirtatious, but Gemini will have to make sure some attention is kept on Leo so that their pride isn’t hurt.

• Leo and Cancer are a good partnership if Cancer uses positive reinforcement with the Leo partner rather than criticism, because Leo tends to return the love and appreciation shown to them.