Scorpio: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love

Scorpio in love is intense and almost obsessive, as they throw everything they have into relationships and are devoted and loyal and desire deep intimacy. They do need their alone time despite the need for such intimacy, and their feelings run so deep that they find it difficult to share them.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Scorpio and Scorpio are an unbelievably powerful, intense, and dramatic combination that can bring out the best or worst in each other, or both at different times. If the two merge well, then they will last for their lifetimes.

• Scorpio and Sagittarius are diametrically different and will have to work to make what can be a powerful initial attraction succeed, with Scorpio lessening their private and serious side and Sagittarius developing some of the same.

• Scorpio and Capricorn are a well-matched pairing, as both are hard workers and reserved and value security. They each bring complementary strengths to the relationship.

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• Scorpio and Aquarius are not always destined for long-term connections or harmonious ones without a lot of compromise, despite a strong attraction. The intensity of Scorpio and the detachment of Aquarius can cause conflict but with work to resolve differences, it can work.

• Scorpio and Pisces are a loyal and emotionally bonded partnership, even though Pisces doesn’t always love Scorpio’s tendency to be more confrontational. Both are spiritually and romantically inclined and will give to the other willingly.

• Scorpio and Aries both like to be in control, but there is a lot of passion between the two. Both are likely to enjoy the intensity and with a little communication, it can work.

• Scorpio and Taurus are in many ways perfect for each other, as Taurus’s more relaxed style will complement Scorpio’s intensity, and both have similar values.

• Scorpio and Gemini are an interesting mix of energies, with Scorpio being deep and Gemini liking to keep things light. Each can intrigue the other enough to keep exploring how to work together and they often do find a way to do so.

• Scorpio and Cancer are both deeply emotional, sensitive, and also possessive, which actually works here, as both feel secure in this pairing.

• Scorpio and Leo make for a very passionate and dramatic relationship but will find it hard to communicate without clashing. However, both will often enjoy this high-intensity match and that will keep them interested.

• Scorpio and Virgo are a complementary match and work well together. Both enjoy alone time and can quite easily build mutual trust.

• Scorpio and Libra speak and live at cross-purposes but have an attraction to each other in spite of that. Scorpio’s privacy and intensity will confuse the lighthearted Libra, and the sociability of Libra will bring out Scorpio’s possessiveness, but communication and compromise can help.