The soul has awareness of everything that is and will be. It has access to all our parallel realities and the implications of our choices. In other words, it knows which branch we’re currently on, which ones we avoided, and where certain filters will take us. It knows the consequences of these choices and will warn us of negative ones.

This communication doesn’t occur through our thoughts, rather it occurs through our emotions — our gut instinct, that nudge in our heart, that spidey sense we feel instinctually — which is the language of oneness. Happiness and a feeling of comfort after making a choice is an indication of your soul commending you on a choice that will benefit you. Constant discomfort and feelings of stress, negativity, and resistance are indicators that your soul has seen the consequences of this decision and does not recommend it.

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Intuition or a “sixth sense” is inherent within each of us. It helps us tune into our soul while recognizing and interpreting these messages from our soul. Thus, open your mind and really listen to what your soul is telling you. Invariably, you’ll find yourself along the right path. This will lead to you swimming the river of life the right way.

People usually treat the act of living with an imbalanced view. They either drift along aimlessly and go where life takes them or they swim ferociously against the current, trying to teach life a lesson — challenging the natural balance of life. Both of these ways will result in negative realities because the former removes all elements of choice and the latter simply results in removing the connection of the mind and the soul from their existence.

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Accepting reality is misunderstood as simply going with the flow, but this isn’t the truth. The true way to live is to simply go towards what you want, consciously, while accepting the reality of what is around you. It is expressing your intention to bring something into your life and communicating this to your soul, recognizing that all obstacles exist.

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You also recognize that by traveling towards this intention, you’re simply choosing a particular branch in your tree of life and since this is infinite, your intended destination exists in some form or another. Your soul knows what is best for you and is constantly communicating with you, thus your job is to simply move in the direction it points you toward, without resistance and in constant communication.

Thus, be on the lookout for signs of your soul communicating with you and be wary of complicated solutions. Often, by simply aligning yourself with the world, you’ll find that the solutions to your obstacles are pretty simple and they keep you balanced instead of feeling obligated to expend great effort or make sacrifices for them.