Virgo: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love

Virgos in love are the intellectual lovers of the zodiac and approach love cautiously and conservatively. They love to be with someone who can hold an intelligent conversation but are often drawn to a more outgoing and direct partner who will make the first move. They prefer commitment and will show their affection through acts of service rather than flowery words or lots of touch.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Virgo and Virgo can work if both partners commit to leaving work behind on a regular basis. The two are so in sync that it could be an “all work and no play” relationship without that commitment.

• Virgo and Libra can be a good mix of serious and frivolous if they can both be accepting of the other’s approach. The good thing is that communication is a skill both excel at, so talking out differences will help.

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• Virgo and Scorpio are a compatible pairing if Virgo doesn’t try to logically analyze deep-feeling Scorpio and accepts that they have an innate and quiet self-confidence and spend a lot of time in silence when comfortable with a person.

• Virgo and Sagittarius are a meeting of the minds but both come from different approaches, with Virgo being more introverted and reserved and Sagittarius more outgoing and carefree. If the two can meet in the middle, this pairing will work.

• Virgo and Capricorn are two earth signs and are very well matched. The two understand and complement each other very well.

• Virgo and Aquarius will enjoy each other intellectually but Virgo may struggle with the Aquarian impracticality, though the mix of imagination and practicality can work.

• Virgo and Pisces are a challenging mix of practicality and idealistic dreaming that can only work if the two compromise, with Pisces trying to be slightly less sensitive and Virgo trying to be more so.

• Virgo and Aries will work if Virgo lets Aries be the leading light and if Aries lets Virgo take care of practical details and realizes they just enjoy doing them and aren’t trying to control.

• Virgo and Taurus share a sense of responsibility and the desire to be productive and reliable, making for a generally stable and harmonious relationship, with Taurus bringing more sensuality and Virgo bringing a great sense of humor.

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• Virgo and Gemini are a pairing with a high level of intellectual compatibility, with Virgo being more practical and Gemini being more sociable and sometimes frivolous. Talking things through will always help these two.

• Virgo and Cancer are a very compatible match, with both being more introverted and loyal. These two usually have a very intuitive understanding of each other.

• Virgo and Leo can work if Virgo tries not to puncture Leo’s pride with criticism and Leo tries not to be domineering.