What Are Psychic Abilities? + Top 6 Tips To Develop Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are another interesting topic in spirituality. It should be noted that when you practice the exercises in this article, especially the meditation techniques, then you will definitely awaken your psychic abilities. This is because there is really nothing supernatural about psychic abilities, especially when your chakras are strong and healthy. There are many kinds of psychic abilities. Let us discuss them one by one.


Among the different psychic abilities out there, the psychic ability of clairvoyance is probably the most common. Once again, clairvoyance is the ability of clear-seeing. But, just to give you another effective exercise that you can do, here is something that you can try:

Assume a meditative posture and relax. Think of a place in your house. Make it specific, for example, your bathroom or the other room in your house. Now, visualize it as clearly as you can. Pay attention to small details such as the arrangement of objects, the floor, ceiling, walls, and others. Take note of what you see. Now, open your eyes, and check if you were able to “see” the said room in your mind’s eye.

This is an excellent exercise that will allow you to travel and see places only with the power of clairvoyance. For this exercise, you can also use the visualization screen that we have talked about. Do not rush in doing this technique. Take as much time as you need to take note of the details in your mind’s eye.

Now, in your first several attempts, you will most likely fail to see everything clearly and correctly, but do not allow this to discourage you. Instead, just maintain a positive mindset and keep on practicing. Do not allow failures to discourage you. You will never truly fail as long as you keep on trying. The more that you practice this technique, the more that you will get good at it. This is simply how it is when you try to learn a psychic ability. It is just like learning any other new skill. So, just keep on practicing and doing your best. After some time, as long as you are patient enough, you will soon notice some progress. You will start to see that you are more able to envision the place in your mind more clearly and that you can tell correctly where certain things are as if you were actually in the place that is being visualized. All these use the power of the third

eye. If you train yourself well, then this will allow you to see different places and dimensions. Although this may seem like a simple visualization exercise, it is also very effective. In fact, if you come to think about it. All of these spiritual practices are actually very simple, but it just a matter of practicing it sincerely and continuously that can create a big difference.


Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability to control fire. Yes, there are some people who can do this. Unfortunately, there are many scammers and hacks out there that use trickery to do a similar act. The truth is that pyrokinesis is real, and you can control fire with your mind. Here is an exercise that will allow you to do this. For this exercise, you will need to use some matches: Assume a meditative posture and relax. Now, light a match and focus on the flame. You should try to connect to this flame and make it “jump” out of the matchstick. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You have to find your own way. The key is simply to focus on the flame and then be one with it. Once you are with it, you will feel as if the flame has become an extension of yourself. This is the time when you can actually control the flame as if it were your arm or finger as if it were just another part of your body. You can now make it jump or move it to be separated from the matchstick.

This technique may take some practice. If you are just starting out, you might find it a challenge. In fact, out of 20 tried, you might only be able to do it once or even none at all. However, do not be discouraged and just keep on practicing. The more that you practice, the more that you will get good at it. This is just the first basic exercise for learning pyrokinesis. Once you get good at it, you can now try another exercise where you get to control the flame and make it dance; hence it is called as the dancing flame exercise. For this exercise, you will need a candle.

Assume a meditative posture and relax. Light a candle in front of you and just focus on the flame. Be one with the candle flame. The more that you focus on the candle, the more that you will feel as if you were being one with it. Try to associate yourself with the candle or at least make it as an extension of yourself. The key here is to focus on the candle flame and not to allow other thoughts to exist in your mind. Now, once you feel like you are attuned with the flame, will it to bend to the right (or to any direction of your choice), and then make it bend toward another direction, and so on. You might want chant, “Bend to the right (or any direction of your choice),” to impress your will upon it. Another technique is to visualize the candle flame bending or leaning in the direction where you want it to bend. Now, if you get good at this, then you can take it a step further. This time, what you need to do is to make the flame move so that it separates from the wick. This is the same as the first exercise with the match.

This is the way to extinguish the flame. Another technique is to visualize the flame getting smaller and smaller until it finally disappears. Now, the next part is probably the hardest part. This technique is a way to light up a candle. The steps are as follows: Visualize the molecules of the candle. See the molecules moving faster and faster as they heat up. As you do this, see and feel the wick of the candle getting red and hotter and hotter. Continue with this visualization. Believe in it and in its power. Soon enough, with enough willpower, the candle will light up.

This is an advanced technique so do not expect to be able to do it easily. You might want to practice these techniques as a routine. First, try to just move or make the candle flame bend, and then have it separated from the wick to snuff it out, and then finally relight it back. Once you can do all these, you can easily use the fire element in anything. This is how spiritual masters can set an object in fire from a distance. Indeed, this is also not easy to master. But, if you feel like you are attuned to the element of fire, then this is probably the psychic ability that is best for you.

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Telekinesis, or simply TK, is another famous psychic ability. It refers to the ability to move, or influence injects with the mind. Now, it should be noted that telekinesis is divided into two kinds: micro telekinesis and macro telekinesis. Micro TK refers to the ability to influence randomness or odds. For example, being able to influence a random number generator or a shuffled deck of cards. Macro TK refers to how most people understand what TK is, which is the moving of objects with the mind. For you to better understand micro and macro TK, it is best to do so using an actual practice: Micro TK

For this exercise, all you need is a coin. Remember that micro TK is about influencing the outcome of randomness or odds. Here, you will use your mind to influence the outcome of a coin flip. The first step is to get a coin – any coin will do as long as it is well balanced, which means that when you flip it, it will randomly be a head or a tail side. The weight should be distributed equally on both sides. Do not worry; it seems that all ordinary coins are like this, so just use your regular coin. The second step is to choose your side: head or tail side. What you will do is to influence your chosen side so that it will come up with every toss or flip of the coin. Finally, you have to influence the said coin as you flip it 100 times.

Now, in theory, when you flip a coin 100 times, then the final outcome should be 50 heads and 50 tails, or somewhere close to it. But, if you can apply micro TK, then it should show a significant difference, like 70 head side and 30 tail side, if head is your chosen side. So, how exactly do you do this? How should you apply micro TK? Well, the best way to do it is with your mind, and that is by using your will and visualization. The steps are as follows:

Relax. Telekinesis is more effective when you are relaxed. Realize that you are not forcing something to happen. Rather, you are making or letting it happen. Now, let us assume that your chosen side is the head side. As you flip or toss the coin, visualize in your mind that it falls with head side up. As you do this, exercise a strong will, as if commanding the coin to do as you will. Here is another technique that you can use:

Hold the coin in your hand. Now, just stare at it and focus on it. Be one with it as you try to be one with the flame. Just focus on it until it feels as if it has become a part of you. Now, once you feel that you are in control of it. Just use your willpower to influence it and make it give you the outcome that you want. As you flip the coin, feel that the coin is a part of you and just make it land the way you want it. There is really no secret to this technique. It is all about becoming one with the coin and controlling it to make it do your will. Do not identify the coin as a separate object. Rather, you ought to feel as if you were the coin or that it is at least a part of you, like your arm or elbow. Be one with the coin. You are the coin.

This is just an example of how micro TK can be used. If you reach a point where it becomes easy for you to control the outcome of a coin flip, you can try other things, such as a shuffled deck of cards or a dice. If you are using a shuffled deck of cards, an exercise that you can try is to force a color. For example, think of a color (red or black) as you shuffle the deck of cards. The top card of the shuffled deck of cards should be the chosen color. Feel free to device your own way to practice micro TK. Once you acquire and develop this ability, you can use it for many purposes. In fact, there are those who claim that this can be used to influence the odds in the casino or even the lottery. You might be surprised, but there are real-life lottery winners who are psychics and spiritual practitioners. Take note, however, that psychic abilities are not really meant to make you rich. Instead, you should use them to help other people and grow more spiritually. Never lose the real purpose for practicing these things, and always cling to what is good.

Macro TK:

Macro TK is exactly what most people understand when they encounter the word, telekinesis, and this is actually moving objects with your mind, such as moving a coin, ring, or even heavy objects like a television or a car. You might be wondering, is this really possible? Well, this might surprise you, but the answer is a resounding yes. You see, there is no limit to the power of your mind except the one that you have made against it. The following exercise will help you practice and experience macro TK:

Place a light object in a table in front of you. Now, focus on this object. Be one with it. Focus on it to such an extent that you see nothing but the object. Create a tunnel in your mind that connects you to the object and let nothing else exist but this. Feel and be one with the object. Now, in your mind’s eye, see your astral hand reaching out and pushing the said object. Did it move? Another way to do this is to simply use your willpower and just be one with the object as you make it move with your will. Now, most people may require the use of visualization. You can try both ways and see which one works best for you. Again, do not be discouraged if nothing happens on your first few attempts. Just keep on practicing.

Here is another exercise that you might want to try. This can help you to levitate something, which is also a part of macro TK. The steps are as follows: Place a light object, preferably a feather, on your hands. Keep your hands in front of you with the palms facing upward. Feel the object resting on your palms. Feel how light it is. Now, we will use energy to levitate this object, and we will draw energy by using this chant: light as air, light as a feather. Keep chanting it for a few minutes as you connect to the object and will it levitate.

Instead of using a feather, you can also use aluminum foil. The aluminum foil might not levitate, but it will most probably move on your hand. Take note that telekinesis, especially macro TK is considered an advanced psychic ability, so do not expect to be able to do these exercises immediately without spending enough practice. Still, this ability is something that is worth learning. Once again, do not allow it to make you lose your sight on what is truly important in your spiritual life. Remember that although acquiring psychic powers can be nice and interesting, it is not the end of spirituality.


Hydrokinesis refers to the ability to control water. You might see some videos on this on YouTube. Unfortunately, many of those people who promote themselves on such sites are only looking for attention and their abilities seem sketchy or fake. So, the best way is still for you to try it out yourself. For this exercise, you will need a basin and a needle. The steps are as follows:

Fill the basin with water. Now, place the needle in the basin and let it float. Take note that hydrokinesis deals with water so you would want to focus on the water. The needle is only there to show you if what you are doing is working. Now, visualize pushing the water with your energy. You might want to mimic the action with your hand as if you were pushing it with your hand, although you are actually doing so only with the power of your mind. Push the water to one side. The needle should respond and be pushed towards that side/corner. Focus on the water. Be one with it and push it. You can also visualize a wave in the water and use that wave to move the water. Just realized all throughout and connect with the element of water.

Once you get good at this, you can take it a step further. Go to the sea or any body of water. Now, use your ability to manipulate the water. It is believed that once you master this technique, you can do wonders such as changing the course of a river or of the typhoon. You can actually be able to control water and direct its flow. However, just like any other interesting psychic ability, this also requires practice.


Clairsentience, also known as clear-eyed information, is the ability to feel the subtle energy. If clairvoyance is more about the sense of sight, then clairsentience deals with feelings. This is not as hard as you might think. In fact, you probably have a good sense of clairsentience, and you are simply not aware of it. A common example of this is having a bad feeling and then something undesirable happens, such as an accident. Or, you might feel a positive energy only to realize that an angel just passed by. This is more about feeling, not just energy but also the quality of energy. So, how do you develop or practice this ability? Well, just keep on feeling energy. The best way to do this is to develop your empathic ability. You can use this exercise:

Make sure that you are in a public place, or anywhere where there are people around you. Now, look around you and try to find someone whom you feel is a nice person. You do not have to be logical about this, but let your intuition decide for you. Now, just focus discreetly on this person. Feel your heart chakra. Remember that your heart chakra is the center of emotions and universal love and oneness. Now, see and feel a ray of light shoot off from your heart chakra and let it connect with the heart chakra of the chosen person. This will serve as your link and connection to the person. The next step is to simply clear your mind. You should be able to receive impressions or thought and ideas, even emotions, from the person. You are not limited to feeling only the energy of people, but you can also use your ability to sense the energy of a place. If you do not like to travel, you can even conjure the place in your mind’s eye and try to feel it from there. Once again, just like the other skills, this one also takes practice. The key here is to get used to using your feelings to sense the subtle energy around you. The more that you practice this, the more sensitive you will be to the subtle energy.


The practice of divination is very common to those who are into spirituality. A common tool that is used by dowsers is the tarot cards. Now, this article will not define every tarot card as that can be a lot. Instead, you will learn how to use any kind of tarot decks. The way to do this is by using your intuition. So, how do you do this? Well, the truth is that all tarot cards communicate a message that you can decipher. Instead of giving each card a meaning that the manufacturer has provided, you can also come up with your own personal meaning. The way to do this is by using your intuition.

Now, there are no hard and fast rules on how to do this. You will want to pick a card or make a spread. Once you have the cards that you need to interpret, just relax and clear your mind and allow your intuition to take full reign. Look at the card and focus on it. How does it make you feel? Do you sense any ideas or emotions being evoked by the card? Take as much time as you can to understand the card. With enough practice, you will get good at this and be able to read any tarot cards. You should realize that tarot cards are just tools. They do not form rules or regulations. Instead, you use them to communicate to you a message. It would be impractical to memorize all the meanings of all the tarot cards, especially now that there are countless tarot cards out there.

Another method of divination is by using a pendulum. In this case, you will have to learn the art known as dowsing. Okay, what is a pendulum? A pendulum refers to any object that is suspended on a string or chain. Before we proceed with the instructions, you first need to acquire your dowsing tool, a pendulum. Now, many occult shops sell a pendulum. However, if you are just starting out, you can simply create your own pendulum. All you need is a string or thread, and a needle, the ones used for sewing clothes would be enough. Simply cut the thread to your desired length, about a meter would be enough for a pendulum. Next, tie one end to a needle. You can now use it as a pendulum.