What Is Third Eye Awakening?

The third eye is perhaps the most mysterious, powerful organ in the body. At about the size of a walnut, this tiny organ located in the brain has eluded mystics and scientists alike for centuries. In this chapter, we will discuss the myths and perceived powers of this amazing gland, and what has emerged in the scientific community that supports these ideas.

Third Eye Awakening History:

First, let’s go back centuries ago. Thousands of years ago, the exact year doesn’t matter, people across the globe searched for answers to their most burning question: What are we on this earth for? People sought far and wide, experimenting with different lifestyles and means to connect with a higher power, only to come up short. What they found is that all of the answers to their questions, as individual as they were, lay right inside their own mind. The key to life was reaching deep within themselves to find the answers they sought.

The thought across many cultures, most isolated from one another, is that our third eye is the window to our inner selves, our soul, and our connection with the energy and power of the universe. Creating a deeper understanding of this small area, located on the forehead, just between the eyes seems to be like opening a door into another world. Truly, it is.
The idea that each of us has a soul or an inner self is certainly nothing new either. Our outer self is our worldly skin, what we present in a physical way to others and to the world. We can tangibly see the outer self of everyone around us, and it doesn’t change too much. Think of your inner self as a ball of energy, bright and ever-changing that is driving our body forward.
It is this energy that connects us with the energy of the universe. Consider yourself just a small bit of energy in a much larger matrix of energy that creates our known universe.

All of the energy is connected, and should you choose to be wholly part of it, you can benefit from its positivity and force. Being in a good flow of energy manifests itself as leading a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. Let’s look at the third eye from a more scientific perspective. The third eye is actually called the pineal gland, a small organ located at the very top of the spine as it enters the brain. It is distinctly in the center of the brain, between the left and right hemispheres. From the outside, it would be dead center between, and just above the eyes. An air of excitement and mystery surrounded this organ as soon as it was discovered. This tiny thing must be important. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be tucked away so safely within the brain. What could it be?

The pineal gland is primarily responsible for the production of melatonin, a hormone that is required for regulating our circadian rhythm. It is this vigilance of light and dark that allows us to fall asleep and wake up in a normal pattern. Disruptions in melatonin cause sleep disruption, insomnia, narcolepsy and general fatigue. Another curious thing about the pineal gland is that it creates and houses a chemical that is known to cause so-called hallucinations. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), is naturally produced in the body and can be compared to psychedelic drugs like acid, a man-made version. DMT in large amounts causes the mind to slip into a trance-like state, and vivid imagery occurs. This chemical is released in small doses when we sleep, creating dreams.

For those who partake in the use of psychedelic drugs often report being reborn, awakened into a new life by the experience. This type of drug has been used for centuries in Native American and South American cultures (along with many more) for spiritual practice and connection with the gods. It is hard to ignore the fact that entering such a state opens the mind and has the potential to connect our inner selves with a higher energy. Could this be the key to knowing our inner selves?

Even though the pineal gland is located smack dab in the center of the brain, our inner selves, and our brains don’t always communicate with each other. The brain is a strong organ which is driven by organic, analytical thought. Its job is to take in information from our environment, process it, and understand it. The brain is the computer that recognizes what color something is but does not necessarily put deeper thought into it.

Although that example is oversimplified a bit, it is our inner selves that really attach meaning and understanding to things. When the brain and soul are not aligned with each other, it can cause our brain to react without guidance and wisdom of the bigger picture. So, we are required to get in touch with our inner self more often to lead a life with infinite wisdom and guidance.

Third Eye Awakening With Meditation:

Awakening our third eye without the help of medications is certainly possible as well. There are many practices we can do on a regular basis that help open the mind and deepen the connection between our inner selves and our analytical brains. The world we live in constantly forces us to work against the better judgment of our inner selves, and so the number of people being spiritually guided are the minority.

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What most people don’t realize, however, is that they are living in a fallacy of a world in which their physical bodies and analytical minds are at one. The mind and body are disposable, and what is left after we are gone is our inner selves, our spirit, to become connected, once again, with the energy of the universe. We must do the best we can to live out tangible lives through the needs and desires of our spirit, and not let the worldly needs of the body take hold. Our souls do not need money or power, they need love and understanding. Our time here on earth could be made so much happier and healthier by following the guidance of our inner spirit. Getting connected with our third eye is the key to all of it.