Aries: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love


Aries is bold, straightforward, and forthright in love and will go after someone they desire enthusiastically. You will always know where you stand with an Aries person because of their directness. They are often the one to initiate a relationship. Their zest for life is highly appealing but can be a little overwhelming and seemingly aggressive for some gentler signs. They will never let issues fester.

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Romantic Combinations:

• Aries and Aries are a fiery combination that is extremely passionate. Both are independent and competitive, and this can lead to lively and sometimes explosive battles, but both partners actually quite enjoy the sparring.

• Aries and Taurus are a combination of fast and passionate and slow and sensual. Aries pushes Taurus into action, whereas Taurus calms down impulsive Aries.

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• Aries and Gemini are a team, with Aries taking the lead and Gemini providing the ideas that are fanned by the fire of Aries. These two have a lot of fun together.

• Aries and Cancer are a great team, with the Aries partner taking all the outer-world action and the Cancer partner keeping the home fires burning.

• Aries and Leo are another fiery combination with a lot of fun and also some explosive fights. Aries is more of the initiator, with Leo being the one who actually makes the plan real.

• Aries and Virgo are a mix of impulse and conservatism, with Aries providing excitement to liven up Virgo and Virgo bringing patience and practicality to ground Aries.

• Aries and Libra are a mix of Aries action and independence and Libra negotiation and team playing. If Aries can try to compromise a little and Libra lets Aries take the lead now and then, it will work well.

• Aries and Scorpio are a passionate combination, where the Aries openness and honesty will pierce the more private and investigative energy of Scorpio.

• Aries and Sagittarius are another fiery and adventurous combination, with only the Sagittarian lack of tact and the Aries need to dominate causing occasional issues.

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• Aries and Capricorn can be a successful combination if the individual needs for independence and achievement are respected and neither tries to control the other.

• Aries and Aquarius are another bold and impulsive combination and both are likely to share a wicked sense of humor.

• Aries and Pisces can work well if Aries is aware of Piscean sensitivity and learns to compromise a little. Pisces will be endlessly loyal and flow with Aries’s spontaneity.